What’s Email Marketing All About?

Email marketing is marketing or advertising through the use of electronic mail.

Broadly speaking, online marketing includes all e-mails sent to a current or prospective customer and a public venue. Generally though, online marketing refers to quite a number of things and for a number of purposes. They could be the following:

1. Promotional emails are sent to endorse products to prospective customers. It also serves to persuade new customers into subscribing into the company’s online store, thus they can acquire new customers through this way.

2. Customer electronic mails are sent to current customers of the company. They are sent to encourage the customer’s loyalty and to improve the company-customer relationship.

3. Market messages are sent through email advertisements to endorse a product to both prospective and current customers. It is the most common and general form of e-mail marketing. This is also what commonly causes spam mail.

These three main forms are basically the electronic equivalent of a company’s direct mail, print newsletter, and advertising through subscription publications system. However, email marketing differs in that it does not require permission from the customers for them to blast emails.
Popularity of email marketing

So far, many companies have engaged in email marketing because of its advantages. Firstly, sending email is a lot cheaper than other forms of advertising. Secondly, studies have shown that email marketing, when used rightly and efficiently, will yield successful results. Finally, unlike other forms of online advertisement, sending email assures direct contact with users, creating a higher possibility of increasing your market. Because the message is delivered to the user himself, then the company does not have to wait for the customers to go to their online stores.

Types of Email Marketing:

There are three types of email marketing. These are Direct email, Retention email and Advertising in other people’s emails.

1. Direct Email

Direct email is when a company directly emails a promotional message (special offers, new product versions, announcements and etc.)Just like regular companies, online companies obtain email addresses of prospective clients by either hiring an email broker or endorsing their website. Depending on the company’s interest, they can also rent a specific list of email addresses from service companies. This is where they send their direct emails.

2. Retention Email

While promotional emails are designed to urge recipients to either purchase something or sign up for something, retention emails on the other hand aims to inform, entertain and develop a long-term and beneficial impact to the readers. Examples of retention emails are newsletters. They carry promotional messages and more substantial content like articles, at the same time. Retention emails usually provides more than just sales talk.

3. Advertising in other People’s Emails

This is when a company pays a newsletter to advertise through them. In turn, when the newsletters get sent, the company shares with the newsletter the opportunity to expand market and endorse their product. Many companies nowadays do this. Instead of producing their own newsletter, they pay other newsletter to sell through their advertising space.

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