Variable Data Printing – The Secret to Improving Direct Mail ROI

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable Data Printing is a modern technique of leveraging printing technology, combined with database information to personalize a direct mailing campaign which results in quicker response times, increase in average order size, increased response rate and increased orders.

How Does Variable Data Printing Work?

Variable Data Printing, or VDP is an integration of your data with your printer to create very customized marketing pieces for each prospect based on demographic, psychographic or past purchase behaviour and past marketing behaviour.

For example, let’s say you’re sending a post card to your list. The list contains both older people 60+ and many people under 30 years of age. The images and the way that you position you’re offer may be completely different. Let’s say you’re selling condos. For the 30 and under crowd, you may want to show young people using the exercise equipment and having fun in the party room. You would want to show images of young professional people enjoying where they live. You may want to highlight such selling features as “cool” and “trendy”, “close to bars and restaurants”. For the 60+ crowd who may be at a different stage of life, looking to downsize, you may want to highlight “relaxing”, “quiet”, “low maintenance”, and “no more yard work”. All these things are possible with variable data printing. You simply design different post cards with different images and through the use of modern printing technology, simply print the specific postcard for the specific age group. Similarly, you could design different offers for different income brackets, lifestyles, hobbies, interests, those who’ve requested info from your website, past customers, investors vs. first time home buyers, etc. The options really are limitless to customize your direct mail campaign with VDP.

Design Process of a Variable Data Printing Campaign

Better Tracking Capabilities with VDP

Mobile devices and QR Codes are adding a whole new dimension to VDP. Using a variable data printer, it’s possible to create multiple QR codes that can send responders to specific pages. In this way you can track response rate by your targeted segment. For example in the condo marketing example, you could send the under 30 crowd to a specific webpage targeted to them when they scan the QR Code with their mobile device. The 60+ crowd could be sent to an entirely different page that is more targeted to their interests. Not only can you increase your conversions, but you can track by segment, how effective your campaign is.

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