Using Direct Mail to Promote Real Estate

Direct mail advertising works great for the Real Estate industry, especially if you have a farm area that you want to cultivate. Using postal carrier route mailing lists let you target specific neighborhoods and qualifies for one of the lowest postal rate available. The relatively low cost to send out a standard size postcard and put your message in people’s hands makes this type of marketing a great value. Keep in mind that you are not going to convince people to sell their home just because you sent them a postcard. However, when people do decide to sell you want them to think of you. Here is how you can do just that.

The first thing is to be consistent. Put together a realistic advertising budget and stick with it. A smaller number of postcards mailed out on a regular basis is much better than a larger number of postcards sent out only once or twice a year. You should choose a neighborhood or two and send the people living there a postcard every 30 days. Find a direct mail company that can set up mailings on a schedule and let them do the work for you. Keep in mind that it is more cost effective to print a larger quantity of mailers at once instead of printing a smaller batch every month.

The design of the mailer can also be consistent. Don’t worry about coming up with something new every time either. You might be tempted to have a different design each for mailing and list a home you recently sold. People have short term memories. They are not going to remember what property you sold last month. The thing they will remember is you. Include your photo and a short bio and personalize the design. If you are a local and live in the area boast about it. The fact that you know the neighborhoods is a bonus. Try to come up with a catchy slogan something people will remember. Don’t be shy; the purpose is to make an impression that will last.

When it is time to sell people are always in a hurry. Make sure you message includes a strategy to get their home sold fast. For example, you can offer a home warrantee with closing. This will give prospective buyers piece of mind that if a major appliance or the A/C breaks in the next twelve month they won’t have to come out of pocket to replace it. A home warrantee costs around $350 and you won’t have to pay for it unless you sell the home. Promoting an open house, using door hangers and including homes on your website are other ways you can help to sell a home more quickly than just listing it on the MLS. All these additional steps can be presented as your special marketing strategy.

Direct mail advertising is one way that realtors can reach their target audience where they live. People still get the mail every day and a well designed mailer can grab their attention. When purchased in larger quantities and mailing smaller groups the cost can be very affordable. Remember to be consistent, stick with a design that makes people remember you and incorporate your home selling strategy. Also, don’t get discouraged if the phone does not ring off the hook after the first few mailings. This is a long term strategy that will pay off.

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