How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Article Marketing

internet marketing can be hard, the most common problem that so many internet marketers face is driving traffic to their website, or their affiliate page, blog, squeeze page and so forth. This is the reason I say 80 percent of internet marketers fail. The give up and back in 2008 when I first started working online and learning internet marketing this was the main reason I wanted to give up as well.

but the true story is if you want to get traffic with articles then you need to be ahead of the game and one step in front of your competition and this means you need to write more then them. If you are submitting 1 article a day and your competition is submitted 20 articles a day then you can see how your one article is going to get drained along the way and you will just plain out lose on traffic, relationships and market share.

I say when just starting out you want to make sure that you write at least 5 articles a day. This is bare min. and write these at least 5 days a week. This should give you a little momentum however if you really want to amp up your article marketing campaign I say write 10 a day. Remember you can always outsource to take some of the load off off your back.

When article marketing you want to try not to lose traffic so try to capture everyone’s email when it comes to article marketing direct linking to an affiliate page will work but it is going to take a whole lot more articles then if you were building a list along the way.

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